What Made Me Happy In July 2017

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“Happiness is a gift and the trick is not to expect it but to delight in it when it comes” – Charles Dickens

This is my very first Monthly Favourites post, totes excited, as I am always reading everyone else’s monthly favourites and I am always so fascinated by what everyone else has enjoyed using or experiencing. Now it’s my turn to be able to share my favourites and experiences with you.

I have decided to be different and to turn my Monthly Favourites into things that made me happy this past month. This will range from events I have attended, products or even a goal I have accomplished.

So, what made me happy this past month?

I launched my blog and website

After years of thinking and speaking about launching a blog, I finally took the big leap and got started on planning and building a website in January, July the 3rd I went live on my blog. A very proud moment for me in my life. I have started off rather slow, but I am getting the hang of this blogging life for sure!

Drinks at The Silo Hotel

Drinks with my dad!
Drinks with my dad!

After a delicious breakfast at the waterfront my dad and I decided to take a walk all around the waterfront. As we were walking we stumbled upon this massive building, I looked up and realized this was non-other than the brand spanking new Silo hotel!!! Totally exciting!! I just had to go in and have a mini tour.

The Guest Service Agent welcomed us in and sent us to the 6th floor where the Willaston bar and Granary Cafe is. We both had a delicious gin and tonic at the bar together and looked out at the extraordinary views of Cape Town. I love being able to do spontaneous things with my dad, it makes me so happy to have such a wonderful relationship with him.

My leather boots 

My Boots
My Boots

The best investment I have probably ever made was to treat myself to a pair of genuine leather boots. When your feet are comfortable your whole body is comfortable. Yes, it costs a lot of money but the boots will last you a lifetime. These boots, I managed to get on sale for R1699 at Old Khaki (I did also have a waterfront voucher so that helped me a lot). These are by far the most comfortable boots I have EVER worn! I am totes rocking happy feet these days haha.

The flowers on my desk

Beautiful Flowers
Beautiful Flowers

Who doesn’t love having flowers on their desk!? Flowers are the best antidepressants, each time I look at my flowers on my desk it makes me instantly happy and I feel more relaxed. These flowers were a surprise gift from my boyfriend, it’s no wonder these flowers make me so happy! The flowers are constantly blooming just like our relationship. Love and happiness all around.


Having my nails done and starting Epilfree 

Epilfree - The Next Generation of Hair Removal
Epilfree – The Next Generation of Hair Removal

My beauty therapist Candice, owner of Loveit Spa has just launched Epilfree at her Spa. This is the new generation of hair removal and I am of course always one for wanting to try new things out, especially if that means permanent hair reduction.

I can say that I have already started this treatment, my first treatment was this past Saturday and boy can I say that even though its early day’s I can already tell the results are going to be amazing! Keep an eye out for a blog post on this!

Gelish Nails done by Candice
Gelish Nails done by Candice

How gorgeous do my nails look? Thank you, Candice, for making my nails look fabulous for the new month ahead.

I am happy to say that July has been a wonderful month for me, I am truly blessed to have such amazing family and friends, that support and love me unconditionally. Much love to you all.

Tell me what made it to your happy list for this past month?

Here’s to a brand-new month filled with so much happiness!

Amy xx

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