A Tea Lovers Review

A Tea Lovers Review

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I am head over heels a tea lover! I would choose tea over coffee any day. Rooibos is definitely in my top 5 teas. For me, a good cup of Tea solves everything if I am in need of a pick me up, energy booster, a catch up, or even a good night’s sleep. As we speak I am enjoying a cup of Rooibos tea to help the creative juices flow.

So, what is my all-time favourite?

It is none other than Freshpack Rooibos Tea a Watermelon and Mint flavoured variant.

Freshpack Rooibos Tea Watermelon and Mint Flavoured

Freshpack has had this flavour out for some time now and I have only just discovered it. How have I never seen this before is beyond me!! The excitement when I came across this was just so unreal. They had a couple of different flavours but the watermelon and mint flavoured are what caught my eye. I bought it immediately and went home to enjoy a cup, and boy was it a goodie.

Here are my thoughts below:

I found that this pack of Rooibos tea watermelon and mint flavoured has a generous blend of rooibos and watermelon with a minty mainstream and a hearty finish. It is both adventurous and tasty all in one sip. The serving suggestion on the pack are generalized to whatever the tea type is, but I generally use them anyway as I want to get the best out of my cup of tea. The best way to enjoy a cup of Rooibos tea is to have it black without any sugar as Rooibos is generally quite sweet.

This specific pack has a fascinating brewing smell, which makes me think of a juicy watermelon that just melts in my mouth. It makes me think of summer that is just around the corner. The mint has a great aftertaste and the mint instantly amps up this cup of tea with all its fruitiness in a cup.

The best thing about Rooibos tea is not only is it a great cup of tea but there are so many health benefits to drinking it. Rooibos helps with digestion, it can cure a nagging headache (I get headaches frequently and this most certainly helps me), Rooibos can help with insomnia and heart disease.

A new study has been conducted in Sweden recently, to read up about it you can find the article here.

I am proud to say that I come from the place where Rooibos tea originated from. Rooibos tea only grows in the Western Cape Province of South Africa. I love my country and more importantly a good cup of tea!

Here’s to a great cup of tea! Until next time,

Amy xx

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