Digital Marketing Trends for 2018

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Trends come and go, but what is in store for us this upcoming 2018?

By now you would have started to map out your marketing strategy for 2018. When planning your marketing strategy, you should consider asking critical questions regarding tactics you are planning on using that would work best with your target market and most importantly, that will result in the highest conversions.

Below are our top digital marketing trends to incorporate into your marketing strategy for 2018.

1) Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the most important aspects of digital marketing. You need content to post to social media and to create engagement with your viewers. In 2018, viewers are expecting to see more content that is engaging, authentic and story based as it makes us more human and relatable.

Most digital marketers have one goal in mind and that is to have fresh, creative and engaging content. 2018 aims to create stories, blog articles and case studies that relates to its business and its value. You want your viewers to connect with you, which is why you need to make your content more personal and engaging. Word of mouth is the best form of marketing that you can get. Which is why your content should ensure its existing customers will keep coming back for more and thus attracting more visitors to your page. Watch this space because 2018 will be about content that is valuable, easily memorable, unique and personalized.

2) AI is the future

Have you ever heard of AI? Don’t worry if you have not, it is merely a machine learning code according to Social Media Today. Ai stands for “artificial intelligence” and will soon be built into HubSpot tools. Look out for their Content Strategy tool in particular. Ai is the future of content marketing for digital marketers. Ai is currently offering solutions to marketing which includes; Atomic Reach, Phrasee and Seventh Sense.

You may be feeling weary of AI at the moment as it is still relatively new. But watch this space, in 2018 it is going big according to Social Media Today, we are set to see many more tools being introduced.

Now is the time for businesses to start embracing AI. Where could AI help us? What plans should we be putting in place to assist with our marketing and sales. Start with AI as it will provide your business with abilities that can potentially save you costs and to grow your organization. Now is the time to gain control using AI over your competitors who are not making use of it.

3) Personalization

For any digital marketer, personalization is most probably their ultimate dream! Well for me in any case. I am particularly excited that this trend will be making waves in 2018.

One thing to keep your eye on in 2018 is that Content Marketing is going to be a significant focal point when developing a strategic marketing plan. Keep in mind that your main goal is to create a personalized experience for each unique customer.

This coming 2018 we will be needing to stay away from any traditional static content to more dynamic opulent content. It is now 2017 and soon to be 2018 your business, should by now have a dynamic website and a smart marketing automation plan that delivers regular, consistent content.

Recently, while doing a short online course with HubSpot I learnt some valuable information on how personalized messages drives better performance in the work place.

HubSpot recently ran a survey to analyze the data of 93,000+ CTAs (call-to-action) over a 12month period. Results showed that CTAs directed to consumers did 42% better than generic CTAs. WOW!!! This makes one exceptionally excited as the results on top shows that a whopping 42% of customers are more likely to engage with a business than generic CTAs.

Hopefully, this gets you inspired, to create and send personalized messages to your customers. Give them exactly what they need, as your business image is always kept in the customer’s mind.

Still not convinced? Take a look at these powerful stats for personalized messaging:

According to White Marketing Corp, “61% of customers rely more on a business that creates custom an individualized content” and “88% of content marketing professionals are considering to add personalization elements in their marketing plans”

4) LinkedIn Videoing

Have you recently noticed the recent videos on your LinkedIn newsfeed? Do yourself a favor and do a news feed test, scroll through your news feed and look at the first 10 posts and count how many videos’s that have popped up. Have you noticed a remarkable difference in your news feed now? LinkedIn has had a recent explosion of live streaming of B2B videos circulating LinkedIn, says Entrepreneur. Thanks to a new and improved site-wide revamp on, including improvements to LinkedIn’s ad platforms, come 2018 and B2B marketers will be utilizing LinkedIn so much more, as short videos create more engagement and that is our ultimate goal. In 2018, we can expect to see much more live streaming, and easily accessible course materials.  By compiling regular videos for your company’s business it creates a personal connection and gives your customers and viewers an enhanced sense of who you are as a company.

And finally, with digital technology skyrocketing to sophistication and worldwide recognition, the space for businesses and brands to engage and interact with their target market has endless opportunities. 2017 has been an internet boom up till now. Therefore, companies need a foot in the door to start incorporating these trends into their strategic marketing plans for 2018.

You may think that you are months ahead of the execution phase. But the time is now to start planning beforehand as this will no doubt give you a competitive edge over your competitors.

What have you thought would be a trend for 2018 that we should keep an eye on?

Let’s see how many of these trends make it big in 2018.



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