The Hart has SO much heart [Review]

The Hart Review

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With this being my second visit to The Hart, and being wowed yet again, I just had to write a review on it! This funky little spot, with seaside views and chilled vibes, is exactly what you need in your life if you are finding yourself craving a relaxed night out with family and friends. And so, in saying that, let me share my experience with you…

The décor:

The Hart makes excellent use of earthy tones with the exposed rough brick, raw wood and green walls and chairs. My favourite part, of course, is the floral wallpaper. This particular floral wallpaper adds to vibe of the restaurant and instantly transports you to a place where dreams exist! I love the well-placed textural elements, it gives off a rustic feel with subtle pops of colour. All I can say is hats off to the interior designer!

The Hart boasts two equally gorgeous areas; out on the patio, it accommodates “cocktail-hour” loving visitors where you get to enjoy a cool selection of music, paired with incredible sunsets and ocean views. The inside area is just as enchanting and this part of the restaurant accommodates those who want to enjoy their meal amongst the floral and artistic decor whilst enjoying the views of the sea with that indoor comfort.

This spot is wonderful for families and friends who are looking for amazing food – with an atmosphere that is glorified in all the right ways and not stuck in the past.

Drinks with a view:

What a better way to start the evening off than with a cocktail and a view of the ocean? Done and Done…Check Check…I opted for an inhaled a delicious Grapefruit Gin and Tonic. I am not a huge gin girl, but I thought I would give it a try and boy was I pleasantly surprised. This cocktail not only is refreshing like a dip in the ocean is, but it is light and citrusy on the pallet – which is right up my alley. Usually, Grapefruit tends to be bitter for me but this time round it was just perfect and hit the spot.

The Hart: Grapefruit Gin and Tonic
The Hart: Grapefruit Gin and Tonic

Magnificant mains:

I highly recommend the Honey Chicken Burger…This tasty burger was built up with a grilled chicken breast, tangy cheddar cheese, Asian baby leaves drenched in a honey and mustard mayo – YUMMY…Like most, I have had many grilled chicken burgers in my lifetime, but nothing has come close to this! When you bite into this burger it oozes with an explosion of flavours….and to add insult to injury (and my calorie count) you get treated to a side of massive onion rings (only one of my favorite foods of all time).

We had the option of fries or salad…granted here I am a bit boring, I know, but I am not a big fan of fries, so I went with the salad…But my oh my, check that salad out! It was SO fresh, SO crunchy and the choice of veggies that was put in there was A1 – winning at life with this meal!

The Hart: The Honey Chicken Burger
The Hart: The Honey Chicken Burger

If you more carnivorous my suggestion is to smash The BIG Hart burger. This beef burger is enormous and full of “red meaty” goodness – do come hungry, maybe even starving! This burger is what all beef burger fantasies are made of! Topped with chorizo, salami, avocado, Emmental cheese and sundried tomato pesto mayo.  Served with a huge onion rings and fries on the side! I mean if that doesn’t scream pure indulgence then I don’t know what would?

The Hart: The BIG Hart burger
The Hart: The BIG Hart burger

Delectable desserts:

After the “burger buffet” ;), we finished off dinner with a café latte and a baked vanilla pod cheesecake. The cheesecake was served with ice-cream and caramel popcorn…just read that again… can you even, sho?

The Hart: Baked Vanilla Pod Cheesecake
The Hart: Baked Vanilla Pod Cheesecake

1 word – WOW….this really ended off our meal on the highest note! I definitely say it delivered with all the cheesecake and caramel popcorn feels you could require in 1 dish! How beautiful are their presentations on the plate? Picture perfection…and that coffee cup though!

The Hart: Café Latte in the most beautiful mug
The Hart: Café Latte in the most beautiful mug

It is totally safe to say that we were literally rolling out of The Hart. We have already been twice and I can tell you, we will be back again. Not only is their food AMAZING but their service was laid back and friendly. They have more amazing goodies to try out on their menu and I plan on giving most, if not all, a good go. Check out their awesome menu here.

2018 Motto 03 – “Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself” – Delia Smith

Amy xx

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