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Motivation and Inspiration

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Most people who know me will know that I am a driven, motivated and passionate lady who loves all things in life that are beautiful, creative and inspiring. I get high off being inspired and motivated by people and the natural things our earth has on offer. If anything, some of my favourite lifetime treats would be to listen to inspirational podcasts, diving face first into a great book and having flowers nearby to remind me of the outdoors when Cape Town winter weather doesn’t allow for very much exploring. I feed off these things and it helps me stay motivated.

2018 Motto 05 – “Happiness inspires productivity” – Shawn Achor

Recently I have hit a really bad “slump” in my life, which in all honesty would be hard news to hear and even harder to believe by most of my family and friends, but often what most do not see/realize that is the most motivated of people are often those that can have the worst anxiety. I am an anxious person by nature, but I have come to realize that my anxiety is one of my strengths and one of the things that inspires me most. Without my anxiety I wouldn’t be working harder or thinking outside of the box, I would simply settle because it’s “easy”. It is an odd thing to say, but I truly believe that I have hit on one of my strengths, which for many years I pinned down as one of my weaknesses. 
Getting back to my “bad slump”, why you ask? Well turns out it was simple really, I felt for a while as if I had hit rock bottom and quickly realized why? With being a typical type-A personality, I had pushed myself, emptied my cup if you will. I had been trying to execute all of my work duties, side jobs (LOTS…) and my home life all at once and my work to personal time ratio had literally flown out of the window…I was burnt out…

During this time, I took it upon myself to jot down ways to keep motivated and inspired…so that I could maintain the fine balance between work and my personal life.


It is a MUST….As mentioned before in my previous blog post, putting a few lavender drops on my pillow and “cranking down” the tempo of voices in my head with some relaxing meditation/sleep music does the trick for me – but by all means find your sleepy groove, each to their own. Doing this helps me get relaxed and really opens up my creative brain cells in being more inspired and ready for the next day.


My favourite bloggers, who I follow pretty much daily are Tarryn Christy, Kandidly Kerry, Imagine You and Booty and Beauty. These girls really perk up my day and make me realize how precious life is. They always have some sort of daily encouragement which helps me to stay motivated and constantly inspired.


I love to read books, books/stories inspire me and give me such great ideas. I am currently reading Girl Code and have already learned so much, I felt instantly driven and pushed in what I am doing and knowing that I have the power to be an inspiration to myself too.

without my incredible family and man who I consider family, being there for me every single day, life would have very little to feel inspired about. You are my best inspirations in life and I thank you for all that you bring to it. Once figuring out my slump dilemma, it was my wonderful man who helped me get back into the routine of life, dragging me gently out of my slump and putting me back on the path WE call life together!
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2 thoughts on “Motivation and Inspiration station – done my way!

  1. This is exactly what happened to me before I started my journey to self love, self care, happiness and putting myself first. I am so glad that I inspire you and I am in great company.
    The best piece of advice I can give you going forward is to pay attention to your feelings – if you feel anxious or unhappy, take the time to try and figure out why. And don’t ever be hesitant to put yourself first, surprisingly you can give more to others when you have yourself sorted.

    1. Thank you Kerry <3 I agree with you and I am defiantly going to do that from now on as I would love to help others where I can. I truly appreciate your advice and motivation. Have a wonderful day xxx

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