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Photo: Bellville Furniture, Rest Assured and us

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As most of you know, my sleeping pattern can be somewhat unpredictable, as I struggle to shut down at night. On that note and after nights spent tossing and turning, counting sheep and my soothing sleepy tunes we took the plunge and decided rather randomly to enter a Facebook competition, where we stood the chance to win a luxury bed – worth a try right? 
After a month passed since first entering, the thought had come and gone and we had quickly forgotten that we had even entered… Until my boyfriend Shane received a call saying he was chosen as one of 4 finalists in the Bellville Furniture competition, and that he needed to be at Bellville Furniture the following day. We were a little hesitant to drive out from Table View to Bellville, thinking “what are the chances – 25%?”. We went anyway to see if we could chip in on our luck.
It was a sunny yet chilly morning in Cape Town, 11:30 sharp marked the time that all the finalists were tasked with picking a ticket out of a super shiny glass bowl to determine the ultimate winner…..aaaaaannndddd to our surprise and slight shock really, Shane picked the winning ticket, the 25% was now 100% – he did it – whoop whoop. It was an exceptional experience and I felt super proud of Shane, not only for winning but for handling himself so well on camera too…To see the full video of Shane picking the winning ticket click here.
The bed Shane won was a Cambridge Rest Assured Double Bed worth a whopping R 12 500.00 – I know right? Soooo, what all does this superb bed have to offer? Well, it has a Box Top Memory Blue Gel and HR filling, a hand-nested pocket spring system with coils and heat tempered coils for extra durability. Of course, this bed has no sagging edges – but rather reinforced edge support and a luxurious sleeping surface. (I say this from 1st hand experience – WOW!)
Photo: Bellville Furniture, Rest Assured and us
Photo: Bellville Furniture, Rest Assured and us
Our personal experience and put in easy to read everyday words. The Cambridge Rest Assured bed is surprisingly not bordering hard or springy. It has this perfect balance which molds to your body like a sponge soaking in all the relaxed feels you could ever possibly want, whilst keeping the “sinkage” level to a minimum. Thanks to the Box Top Memory Blue Gel, HR filling ZERO sagging edges, it allows for an even distribution of weight when moving and does not make you feel like you have to crawl and jump over bumps/displaced mattress foam to get out of bed in the mornings. This bed oozes luxury and transports us onto cloud nine, our rest is definitely assured in this one of a kind bed.
Photo: Our new bed
Photo: Our new bed
Now that life is oh so busy, full of stressful moments and day to day hustle and bustle that is thrown our way, it is reassuring to know that this bed is what we get to “call it a day” in…with the promise of waking up feeling revitalized and invigorated. Start to end – good sleeping moments!
Photo: Our new bed
Photo: Our new bed
Thank you to Bellville Furniture and Rest Assured. We are loving our new bed. Can you tell? If there is one thing in life that you cannot go wrong with, it is a good nights sleep. This is a fabulous bed!!!
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