How to save with my savvy saving hacks

Savvy Saving Hacks

As most of you know, in our economy money matters are pressing. Hehehe just jokes, but no, really, we can all save a little when possible. Especially for those rainy days or “future holiday plans”, so here is my mini list to a quick saving:

Snap ‘n Save:

This is by far one of my favourite and most used apps on my phone right now. Snap ‘n Save allows you to snap a photo of your till slip and gives you cash back for items purchased – if not why not right? Try it and see how much you can save.  

The Entertainer App:

Granted you pay for this goody upfront, but wow do you reap the rewards by using it. I “claimed” back my output on the 3rd use of a dinner/lunch meal out with friends. This was just from moola saved by using the 2 for 1 deals. Get the app wonderful Entertainer App here.

Random Money Funds:

I love to use my three free savings accounts with Capitec. I have a name for each account where I save my money in. These accounts are called; vacation fund, car fund and an emergency account. You could also add a monthly debit order to move into this account each month… Or a fixed deposit account, these have great interest rates and allow you to “store” your money, whilst earning interest. For those who arent savvy spenders and want to use the fixed deposit money, there is usually a 30 day notice period to request the release of this saving. Giving you time to consider if you REALLY need it.

If you have a credit card, make use of it when you need to, but pay it back fully at the end of the month to avoid interest being charged. Another benefit is the free travel insurance you get when you purchase your flights with your credit card.

Having a weekend/side job:

Shane and I both have fulltime jobs, but what helps us to better plan financially for unexpected financial woes and for our oversees holiday next year is doing extra work on the side where we can. What we do “on the side” is house sit and look after other people’s fur babies while they are away. It has been a great few years of house sitting together and we are still going strong. We have built up a nice clientele and have good working relationships with them. Not only do we house sit, but on a personal side note I head up events planning and coordinate venue hire for The Main Event and The Productive Planner whereever I get the chance too. Having a side hussle is fantastic for having that extra stream of income (which can be ploughed directly into the piggy bank). Especially when you have big dreams or to subsidise potential shortfalls that may pop up.

My coin collection:

I never ever spend my coins… I don’t jingle – hehe….ALL the coins in my household go straight into a tightly sealed container at the end of every day. It is surprising to see how much money you have at the end of the year from all your coins. It’s a stash of money that I like to forget about. At the end of the year, I like to surprise myself with how much accumulated. Give this a go and post in December what you earned! 

My budget hack:

In order to save money and to know where your money is going, you should have a budget in place that works for you. You need to be realistic. I like to type out my budget once a month and keep it on file. I love to use the “millennial budget” as it works wonders for me. 

Not sure what the millennial budget is? Check it out here

I then print out my budget and keep it in my money journal. This is where I write everything down that I spend my money on. I find that I tend to spend more money when I do not write it down, it’s my mental note to keep me and my finances in check. This is especially handy now for us as we are saving as hard as possible for our trip to the UK next year.

Well, that’s me on saving those extra little bits and pieces, it seems small but as “they say” it all adds up in the long run… 

Happy saving and selective spending 😉 

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2 thoughts on “How to save with my savvy saving hacks

  1. I’m always looking for ways to improve my saving habit. I’ll definitely try the coin tip and the capitec one. Just a quick Q, snap and save…can you explain it a bit better? You mean I get my money or a percentage of it back when I snap my receipt?

    1. Hey 🙂 thank you for the comment. All the best with your saving. Snap ‘n Save is an app which you can download, they have various coupons which you can book. For example, they have a milk coupon and you get R1.25 back. Once you snap your till clip the amount goes into an ewallet which you can use or leave to accumulate. There are different ways to cash it out by eft or ewallet. For more information you can check them out here:

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