Creative Chalkboards For Christmas

Photo: The Productive Planner Products

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Do not underestimate the seemingly simple chalkboard – my findings…it is one of the most versatile stationery products out there.

Having a chalkboard can be incredibly fun. You can use a chalkboard for all sorts of cool things and you can come up with so many creative ideas of how to put your board to use. Especially with being in the grips of the Christmas season, I urge you to think outside the gift box, reinvent and rethink all the jolly traditions by putting a unique twist on your very own chalkboard.

Here are our top suggestions to get you started:

Get Creative

Get those creative juices flowing and make a gorgeous festive wreath. Place the wreath on a chalkboard and write your welcome message to your guests. Another great idea is to use an old tray from your kitchen as your frame for the welcome board. Multipurpose to the max.

Christmas Chalkboards - Photo: Pexels - Chalkboard Decor
Photo: Pexels – Chalkboard Decor
Get Organised

Christmas is right around the corner, it’s time to fill your Wishlist and shopping list. Don’t go the old route – using pen and paper. Be different, use one of our boards as a notice board/shopping list (you can order your boards here). Note down your wishes and give your family members a hint as to what to buy you for Christmas. Or use it as your meal prep list or “menu list” for Christmas lunch/dinners. This is a great way for it to be visible for you to remember and also edit/jazz up as you go – simple rub it out and edit as you like… Chalk on, Chalk off…

Christmas Chalkboard - Photo: FreePik- Chalkboard Menu
Photo: FreePik- Chalkboard Menu
Be Different

Not up to having a real Christmas tree this year? How about drawing a Christmas tree on a big A2 chalkboard? This is such a fun way of changing up the traditional way and on the plus side, it’s not messy.

Photo: FreePik Christmas Chalk Tree
Photo: FreePik Christmas Chalk Tree

Chalkboards are so versatile and they don’t have to be used only with chalk. If you are looking to make permanent decor for Christmas, opt for buying paint from your local craft shop and paint your designs directly onto the board. The paint dries relatively fast and makes a big statement.

A gift that keeps on giving

Gift a Chalkboard – put a smile on a Littles dial or take an adult back to childhood with a gift that keeps giving!

If you are looking for a chalkboard for one of the above tips, get in touch. As you can see below, we have a wide variety of chalkboards available for you.

Photo: The Productive Planner Products
Photo: The Productive Planner Products

Give us a shout if you try out any of our ideas. We would love to see how you come on with them. Bring on Christmas.


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