How to be an Overnight Success [Review]

How to be an Overnight Success

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One of my nearest and dearest friends @tarrynchristy recommended this inspirational book to me, as she thought I would enjoy it and it would give me some motivation to keep me pushing through my own journey of “adult life”.

I consider myself to be quite a positive person, but like most, I am always looking for that extra boost of positivity, inspiration, and motivation and this book does all 3 for me! The moment I started reading Overnight Success I was hooked and wanted to finish the book after absorbing its content so that I could share it with all of you. I often share/swap books with Tarryn, she knows me so well and we are on “the same page with reading” – and she got it spot on with this book suggestion – thank you, my friend.

“I love setting myself goals and being able to achieve them and mentally tick them off the list. It’s definitely rewarding coming up with new ideas, putting them into action and seeing the process unfold.” – Maria Hatzistefanis

I now follow @mrsrodial on social media as I think she is super fab and extremely inspiring in life. I love how Mrs. Rodial is so captivating and engages with each one of her followers. Everything she writes is so authentic and free of pretense. I truly feel like I can relate and learn so much from her.

I loved how each chapter ended with tips, mini “bucket/tick” lists and questions to ask yourself. All little markers for you to work through as you follow your own career journey. Overall, I thought this was an excellent book. It is written in such a personal way (very “REAL”), which makes it feels as though it’s just one “human being” sharing their story in the hopes of giving a little bit of wisdom to the next human, sharing is caring. I LOVE THAT!

Who/why should read this book:

• It is moving, inspiring, encouraging and motivating;
• It appeals to business owners, new entrepreneurs and the everyday workforce looking for that extra inspiration;
• Tips, secrets, and tricks to encourage you to stay focused on your dreams;
• For those who are just starting their careers out – looking for some direction.

If you have yet to read How to be an overnight success and are looking for useful, practical and honest tips on how to create your own business, I would highly recommend making your way down to your nearest bookstore or finding it online. For yourself or as an AMAZING gift for a special someone.

Maria Hatzistefanis has recently introduced an incredible podcast series on the book How to be an overnight success. I am absolutely loving it and it gives me that weekly dose of inspiration and empowerment that I need. If you do not have time to read the book, definitely give the podcast a go. You can find it on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

This book is perfect for someone who is still navigating their way through their career, starting out or in the middle somewhere. It is one of the most authentic reads of 2018 for me.


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